Wildfires pose a significant risk to homes throughout Butte County. Embers fill the air, scatter in the wind, and can start a house fire long before a wildfire approaches residential communities. 

Let Brandguard Vents add a layer of protection to your home. Our patented fire-rated vents block embers from entering exterior vents. We’ve provided fire protection solutions in California for over a decade, so you can depend on our crew to defend your home.

If you’re a new homeowner in California, here’s what you need to know about your wildfire risk and fire vents.

Our Fire Protection Products

We use durable, high-quality materials to create our fire-rated vents. Our products are customizable, ensuring they’ll match your home’s exterior design and suit your style.

Soffit Vents

Our soffit vents fit underneath rafters and are available in steel and copper. They can be painted to match the color of your siding or roof so they blend in. The anti-clogging, overlapping baffles trap embers before they rise into your attic.

Foundation Vents

If you have a crawl space, basement, or garage, you likely have rectangular foundation vents that provide ventilation and cooling to those areas. Wildfire embers can enter your home through the vents and set fire to anything beyond them. Our fire-rated foundation vents are designed to keep embers out and away from your storage or living spaces.  

Dormer Vents

Brandguard Vents’ dormer vents let the heat in your attic escape while keeping embers from entering and starting a fire. They’re available in any size or color and meet the requirements of California’s Building Code, Chapter 7A.

Explore how fire vents can affect your home appraisal.

Eave Vents

Fire-rated eave vents resist embers and flames while allowing air to circulate in your attic. They prevent rodent entry and can be painted to match the color of your roof or siding.

Gable Vents

The risk of a fire starting in your home increases significantly as soon as embers enter your attic. Brandguard Vents’ gable vents (or static louvered vents) have a patented baffle design that stops embers from entering. We offer gable vents in a range of sizes and shapes so you can choose a design that provides excellent fire protection and matches your home’s aesthetic.

Balcony Vents

Under SB-721, properties with balconies are subject to regular inspection to ensure a balcony’s structural integrity. All balconies likely have a vent installed to meet this requirement, but it might not be removable, leading to expensive labor fees when it’s time for inspection or repairs. 

Brandguard Vents offers easily removable, fire-rated balcony vents that can reduce or eliminate the structural repairs needed after a balcony passes inspection.

Fire-rated removable balcony vent

Sub-Flashing Roof Vents

Sub-flashing roof vents protrude from your roof to provide ventilation to your attic. Brandguard Vents produces sub-flashing roof vents that give your home a strong first line of defense against embers and flames. They also resist wind-driven rain and snow intrusion and can be easily installed from inside your attic.

Fire-Rated Vent Installation & Inspections

Our team of fire protection experts can inspect your vents to identify any weaknesses in your home’s defense against wildfires and recommend the best solutions to fit your needs. 

Brandguard Vents’ specialist installation teams can also install any of our products to ensure your vents meet Butte County’s local and regional building and fire codes and protect your home from the next wildfire.

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Choose Brandguard Vents for Reliable Fire Protection Products

Since 2003, Butte County residents have relied on Brandguard Vents to provide quality wildfire ember protection products, expert vent inspections, and quality installations. We’re honored to be known as the fire-rated vent product company that Butte County can depend on to stay safe.

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Cities We Service in Butte County, CA

All Brandguard Vents products comply with state, federal, and local building codes and fire regulations, and our fire protection solutions were designed with the needs of Butte County homeowners in mind.

We serve homeowners and business owners in all cities and towns throughout Butte County, including:

  • Biggs
  • Chico
  • Concow
  • Gridley
  • Magalia
  • Oroville
  • Paradise
  • South Oroville
  • Thermalito
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