In recent years, wildfires in California, Colorado, Arizona, and other states have spread quickly with little warning, causing devastating damage to property and lives. Your home can be in danger even when not in the fire’s path, as the vents in your house provide an ideal entry point for embers, ash, and debris. Brandguard’s distinctive and patented vents can stop those hazards from entering your home, helping keep you and your property safe.

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Quality Products To Protect Your Santa Clara County Home

Our products are precisely engineered to meet the needs of modern homes. After comprehensive quality testing, we only allow the products that reach our highest standards to leave our manufacturing facility. Our philosophy is simple: Create a strong, reliable design that’s simple to install, easy to maintain, and provides the most dependable protection. 

Our products include:

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Vent Inspection Services in Santa Clara County, CA

Vents are important not only for fire safety but also for your comfort and health. Without venting, the air in your home would get stale and retain pollutants and allergens, which negatively affect your health. 

However, it’s crucial your vents don’t do more harm than good, especially in the case of fires. Our experts can inspect your vent, identify any potential issues or weaknesses, and help you determine the best solutions for your home, like ember-resistant vents. 

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Trust Brandguard Vents With Your Fire Protection

Your home isn’t just an investment – it’s a part of your life worth protecting. For nearly 20 years, Brandguard Vents has proudly served our neighbors, leading the way in fire protection. Our products are installed on homes and businesses throughout California so your property can better survive the hazards of forest fires.

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