Architects/Fire Inspectors

Brandguard Vents, ember/fire stopping vents, are fully tested by an accredited California laboratory, and listed by CAL Fire Office of the State Fire Marshal

All our products underwent stringent ember and fire-resistant testing, according to ASTM E2886/2912 which is a three-part national test that shows resistance to Direct Flames, Hot Embers, and Radiant Heat. Additionally, our gable and roof vents have passed stringent driving rain tests in Florida’s Miami Dade County, which prevents water leaks up to 140mph at a rate of 8” of rain per hour.

Brandguard Vents use a patented technology (overlapping baffles) which efficiently stops hot embers from entering the attic space. Flying hot embers pose a threat to any structure within several miles’ radius from a wildfire. Therefore, it is extremely important that ALL the opening in the roof and foundation are properly equipped with Brandguard Vents.

In addition to the overlapping baffles, some of our vents are also equipped with a propriety intumescent material manufactured by Tenmat. The Tenmat FF107 strips installed inside the vents, are heat activated, and they represent the extreme line of defense from fire. This propriety material has been fire tested by UL and Intertek, in several fire rated components, and it is widely use in both USA and Europe.

All standard Brandguard Vents are made with Galvanized Steel ready to be painted matching the existing color of the house, and they are also available, upon request, in Copper or Stainless Steel.


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