Brandguard Fire-Resistant Sub-Flashing Vents

Brandguard fire-resistant sub-base vents are an excellent choice for protecting your home from embers during a wildfire. Installed from the attic, they convert standard low-profile roof vents, mushroom vents, and turbine vents into Wildland-Urban Interface-compliant, ember-stopping vents that provide critical cooling and ventilation to your home.

Wildfire-related ember storms can spread well ahead of the front of the fire. Brandguard fire-resistant sub-flashing vents are the perfect first line of defense against ember and flame intrusion. These best-rated roof vents are provided with a large nail flange for easy installation and are available in both standard 12 inches by 12 inches and custom sizes.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Anti-clogging overlapping baffles, with one-eighth-inch mesh on vent’s back side
  • Overlapping baffle protection so air flows through normally while resisting ember, flame, and wind-driven rain and snow intrusion.
  • Prevent rodent entry
  • 20-year full warranty
  • Easy to install from inside the attic

SB2011 model is 12 inches by 12 inches and weighs 5 pounds

SB2021 model is 16 inches by 16 inches and weighs 6 pounds

Why Choose Brandguard Vents

Few, if any, homes are entirely fireproof, but you can take precautions to mitigate the risk of damage due to a wildfire.

Invented by an experienced firefighter, Brandguard’s fire-resistant sub-base vents meet all WUI requirements for use in wildfire risks areas. They exemplify innovation and technical expertise and help keep your home safer during a wildfire.

Easy to install, retrofit, Brandguard vents come with best-in-industry warranties. They’re available in a range of standard and custom sizes. We also offer installation services for all our ember-resistant vents for California homeowners.

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Model #
NFVA (Airflow)
Spec Sheet
12” x 12”
Sub flashing
46 sq in
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16” x 16”
Sub flashing
86 sq in
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