The Brandguard Patented Ember Defense System

Brandguard Vents® offers a unique patented solution that keeps embers out and stop fire from entering your home. Brandguard ember defense vents are designed to stop embers from entering your home before the fire arrives. Wildfires generate ember storms, which spread the fire ahead of the actual front of the fire. Your house can be in danger even if you are not directly in the path of the fire, making wildfire protection critical.  All dwellings located in Wildland Urban Interface areas should be equipped with ventilation systems capable of resisting the ingress of embers, greatly reducing the risks associated with wildfires.

Both single-family and multifamily structures use open ventilation to cool attic and crawl spaces, so it is of paramount importance that those vents are fire-rated. Standard vents cannot stop embers. Only products specifically designed and tested for fire/ember resistance can be used in WUI areas.

Brandguard Vents’® comprehensive range of ember defense components includes gable, soffit, undereave, foundation, ridge, and dormer vents. Our vents are manufactured with the highest-quality standards in durable galvanized steel or optional stainless steel and copper. Brandguard Vents’ authorized contractors will take care of the installation and custom painting so the vents will blend seamlessly with the color of your house.

We also offer gutter guards, which are required by the new 2021 California legislation. Metal gutter protection prevents flammable leaves from accumulating in the gutters, eliminating the risk of ignition due to wind-blown embers. Brandguard Gutter Guards are made with sturdy Stainless Steel micro-mesh, which doesn’t require annual maintenance. 

Make your neighborhood safer with our home hardening products.  Call us today for a FREE estimate on complete installation of ember defense vents and gutter guards manufactured in the U.S.  Brandguard is your first line of wildfire home defense from embers and fire.


Ventilation products perform a vital function to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Brandguard Vents®’ patented design, ventilation products exceed the standards, with a complete line of approved vents for use in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones.

Brandguard Vents® are easy to install, retrofit, and paint. We offer custom colors, different materials, and custom sizes.

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Soffit Vents

We offer a large variety of ember/fire-stopping soffit and undereave vent options to meet your home’s specific requirements. Brandguard Vents® are made out of metal and comply with the most stringent requirements of the WUI code for use in high fire risk zones.

Foundation Vents

Foundation vents will not only protect your home from embers, but they’ll also ventilate your crawl space or basement. Prevent musty air, and say goodbye to mildew, mold, and wood rot. These vents are easy to install without disturbing your siding or stucco. 

Under Eave Vents (Bird Block Vents)

All embers need to penetrate your home, so our under eave vents keep wind-blown embers outdoors, where they belong. Attic ventilation is key from an energy efficiency point of view, so you need a product, which allows air to move freely while keeping embers and fire from entering your home. Our patented technology does just that. 

Dormer Vents

Our amber and fire-resistant dormer vents protect your home from outside forces, like embers, rain, snow, and pests, while still allowing uninterrupted air circulation through your attic. Brandguard dormers are available for new construction or retrofit applications. The retrofit dormer “face” is installed onto existing traditional vents, without removing roof tiles. The installation is quick and easy.

Sub-Flashing Vents

If you already have existing low-profile roof vents, turbine, or mushroom vents, our sub base vents can be installed to convert your current vents into ember-resistant ones. Retrofitting your vents will offer you critical fire safety and make your vents WUI-compliant. Brandguard sub flashing vents are installed from the attic without touching your existing low-profile vents, basically transforming a traditional unsafe low-profile vent into a fire/ember stopping vent.

Gutter Guards

As mandated by Assembly Bill 38 and recommended by CAL Fire, gutters should be protected by a metal screen to avoid accumulation of leaves and pine needles. Dry leaves are a source of fire ignition in case of an ember shower generated by nearby wildfire. Brandguard gutter protection metal micro-mesh is made with Stainless Steel for long-lasting performance. 

Removable Balcony Vents

All wood frame balconies in multifamily dwellings in California must be inspected at regular intervals to comply with the recent Senate bill. Brandguard Vents® has developed an innovative vent that provides proper air circulation while protecting the structures from flying embers and fire. Our balcony vents are the only product on the market that is fully compliant with the WUI code. Their easy opening and closing allow for regular inspections without any damage to the balcony itself.