As wildfires continue to be a top concern for California homeowners, real estate agents must be ready to answer client concerns and make recommendations to help them strengthen their fire protection. That’s where Brandguard Vents comes in.

By partnering with local real estate agents, our team brings innovative fire protection solutions to prospective buyers, allowing them to enjoy increased confidence in their properties’ safety and fire protection. We aim to provide a complete service, from product selection to delivery and installation, ensuring all California homes are safer during a wildfire event.

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The Benefits of Our Fire-Rated Vents

As a real estate agent in California, it’s essential to be well-versed in what homeowners can do to help strengthen their protection against wildfires. The fire-rated vents offered at Brandguard Vents are uniquely capable of addressing this major concern. By recommending our products to prospective buyers, you can help them enjoy these incredible benefits:

  • Increased safety and peace of mind
  • Compliance with building codes and regulations, potentially enhancing property value
  • Potential reductions in homeowners insurance premiums due to improved fire protection
  • Considerate designs that blend seamlessly with various architectural styles

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Why Choose Brandguard Vents?

As part of TENMAT — a leading manufacturer of fire protection components and advanced materials with over 100 years of experience — Brandguard Vents is uniquely capable of delivering the top-quality fire protection solutions California homes need to stay safe.

We’re committed to providing a white-glove service experience, handling everything from product selection to delivery and installation to ensure your home remains safe during a wildfire event. We’re confident we can provide unparalleled protection for the properties under your care by offering a wide selection of fire-rated vents in compliance with current California fire safety codes and regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our vents work by implementing multiple lines of defense designed to offer the highest degree of protection against wildfires:

  • Baffle design: Our unique baffle design encourages air to move freely while trapping embers.
  • Intumescent material: Our proprietary intumescent material expands in the presence of high heat and extreme flames to ensure adequate protection.
  • Noncombustible: Each of our metal vents is designed with noncombustible materials that resist heat and flames.

The combination of these three technologies is what keeps your home protected, increasing the survivability of your structure.

Our products are designed to resist flame and ember intrusion into your attic through the home’s vents, protecting the property from dangerous flying embers created by wildfires. Learn about our technology to see how our products differ from standard vents.

Our vents are created from 26-gauge G90 galvanized steel but can be customized with copper, stainless steel, or bonderized or aluminum zinc.

Yes — all Brandguard Vents are WUI code-compliant, satisfying California’s strict building codes and regulations for your ultimate peace of mind.

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