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Brandguard Vents® were invented in 2003 by Brent Berkompas while working as a firefighter for the City of San Bernardino, California. He was fighting the 2003 and 2007 California wildfires and saw firsthand the vulnerability of the thousands of homes affected. Watching the embers fly directly into the homes through the unprotected mesh vent openings, Brent knew that something had to be done to prevent this from happening in the future. That was the inspiration that led to the creation of the Brandguard-patented baffle front design, now used throughout our line of wildfire rated vents. The Brandguard Vents® company is now part of TENMAT, a leading manufacturer of fire protection components and advanced materials, with over 100 years of experience. 

Together, TENMAT and BRANDGUARD possess unrivalled innovation and technical expertise, which consistently lead to the development of various industry standard products. Outstanding service, unsurpassed quality, and a commitment to excellence are hallmarks of our Customer Service Department. BRANDGUARD’s goal is to provide a complete service, from product selection to delivery and installation to help keep your home safer during a wildfire.

TENMAT is a multinational corporation (part of the DIAMORPH Group) with presence in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy, as well as a global network of vendors and distributors. DIAMORPH is an advanced materials group focused on providing customers with solutions that ensure peace of mind in extremely demanding applications and environments. 

The combined experience of Brandguard and DIAMORPH is crucial in developing innovative home hardening solutions and wildfire defense systems.  

Contact us today, and we will make sure that your home is ready to defend itself against wildfires. 


BRANDGUARD provides advanced solutions that improve homes’ defense against wildfires, giving peace of mind to its customers.

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Allow air to circulate under the floor, to prevent moisture buildup while stopping embers.


Create proper air circulation through the attic while stopping dangerous flying embers.


Permit cool fresh outside air to be drawn up into the attic so hot and humid air is expelled through the roof vents at the top. The Removable balcony vents are specifically designed to ventilate the underdeck and allow easy inspections.


Allow heat to rise and escape out of the attic while stopping hot embers from entering.


Used in conjunction with low-profile Roof Vents, they prevent the ingress of embers or firebrands. These sub bases are installed from the attic side, without disturbing roof tiles or removing the existing low-profile roof vents.


Fire/Ember resistant vents are a key home hardening measure to protect homes from wildfires. Take a look at Brandguard Vents in Action!

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