1hr FIRE RATED - Removable Balcony Vents

California SB721

Senate Bill 721 requires property owners to get regular, stringent inspections of their external elevated elements, including balconies. The law applies to buildings with three or more multi-family dwelling units, although there are some exceptions.

Under the law, property owners must have a qualified professional inspect their wood-framed external elevated structures; the inspections must be completed by January 1, 2025. Once completed, inspections must then be done every six years. Property owners who had an inspection done three years prior to 2019 do not need to have another one performed until after the January 1, 2025 deadline.

California SB326

Senate Bill 326 took effect January 1, 2020, and accomplishes three main objectives:

  1. It requires associations to conduct mandatory balcony inspections.
  2. It invalidates any provision in an association’s governing documents that restricts the association’s board from pursuing legal remedies against developers for substandard construction.
  3. It requires associations to discuss with their members the potential impacts of a construction defect action again a developer before starting any legal action.

Brandguard Removable Balcony Vents

While no home is entirely fireproof, certain precautions can mitigate the risk of damage from wildfires.

Brandguard’s new, removable, 1hr fire-rated balcony inspection vents, make it possible to avoid costly repair work caused by regular inspections.

  • They’re the only product on the market that meets WUI requirements for use in wildfire risks areas.
  • They’re ASTM E2886 tested.
  • They’re ASTM E119 tested 
  • They’re CAL Fire approved.

The standard removable vents are 4″ wide, with a standard length of 60 inches. Custom widths and lengths are available upon request. Typical installation flanges are nail flange front (FF) and stucco flange (PG).  Custom installation flanges are also available upon request.

Both versions come with 30-year warranties and have overlapping baffle protection that directs airflow to help prevent rot and resists flame, ember, and radiant heat intrusion.

Brandguard Vents are easy to install, retrofit, and paint. They’re available in custom colors, various materials, and custom sizes. We also offer installation services for all our ember-resistant vents for California homes.

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Size (WxL)
Installation Flange
NFVA (Airflow)
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4″ x 60″
Flange Front
59 sq in
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4″ x 60″
Stucco / Plaster
59 sq in
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