Senate Bill 721 & 326 – Mandatory BALCONY INSPECTION

A recently promulgated legislation, requires Multifamily building owners and HOA Condominium Associations to inspect all exterior elevated structural elements by the end of 2024.

After the first inspection, all Wood supported Balconies, Walkways, Decks, Stairs, will need to be inspected at Regular Intervals. This is why a removable balcony vents is required, to avoid costly repair work.

Brandguard balcony vents, are the only product on the market that complies with WUI requirements for use in wildfire risk areas. Our Vents are ASTM E2886 tested and CAL Fire approved.

The removable vents are available in two widths (4″ and 6″) with a standard length of 60″. Typical installation flanges are stucco flange (PG) and nail flange front (FF). See spec sheets below.  Custom sizes and custom installation flanges are available upon request


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