Class A Fire-Resistant Ridge Vents
Finally, a Class A ridge vent designed to protect California homes from wildfires, while still offering superior airflow for ventilation and protection against weather, insects, birds, and bats.

Ridge vents on your home create openings for wildfire embers that can ignite combustible materials in your attic and burn your home from the inside out. Brandguard fire-resistant ridge vents are engineered to resist embers and flame. Our products are available for sale to homeowners and contractors; we also install fire-resistant vents in California’s wildfire districts.

Ridge Vents are the most common system to exhaust hot air out of the attic. Proper attic ventilation is key to save energy by keeping a cooler temperature in the attic. Ridge vents are virtually invisible from the street and keep the roof deck clear for solar panels. Our ridge vents have a CC1/Class A Fire rating, making them the perfect solution for wildfire-prone areas. Made of a non-wicking matting material, they are the perfect complement for full line of Brandguard Vents.

Use the ridge vents in conjunction with our soffit and undereave vents to get the best airflow circulation in your entire attic.

These ridge vents come with a 40-year limited warranty. Call us for a quote today.

RIDGE VENTSDimensionsNFVAAttachments
Contractors’ Choice (includes nails)20′ x 10.5″ x 3/4″17 Sq. In / Linear FeetContractors Choice
Standard RidgeVent20′ x 10.5″ x 3/4″17 Sq. In / Linear FeetRidgeVent Brochure
Narrow width20′ x 9″ x 3/4″17 Sq. In / Linear FeetRidgeVent Brochure

Benefits of Ridge Vents

  • Class A fire-resistant and ember-resistant ridge vents
  • Allows for continuous attic airflow to ventilate the attic year-round for an energy-efficient home
  • Brandguard fire-resistant ridge vents are ideal for asphalt, slate, and cedar shingle roofs
  • Prevents rain, snow, insects, bats, and birds from getting into your building
  • Easy one-person rollout installation on caps or panels
  • Once installed, it’s almost invisible
  • Easy to install — no complicated fitting, wrapping or connectors
  • Won’t crack or dent during shipping or installation
  • Light and flexible, easy to handle and transport

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Fire-resistant ridge vents for shingle roofs