Ember/Fire resistant Round Vents 1.5" / 2” / 3”

The freeze block eave Vent from Brandguard is a round, ember/flame resistant vent for bird block holes and openings in the undereave area of the home. These fire protection vents are used in areas prone to wildfires and bush fires, particularly in wildfire-urban interface (WUI) areas.

  • Wildfire rated
  • Ember resistant
  • Overlapping baffle protection
  • Fits in a 1.5-inch, 2-inch, or 3-inch round hole
  • Approved for use in California and beyond
  • California Chapter 7a and WUI compliant 
  • Stop ember/fire and prevent bird and rodent entry into the home
  • 20-year warranty

Product Benefits

  • Safety vents that are used in areas prone to wildfires, wind-driven rain, or wind-driven snow
  • Resists the intrusion of flames, embers, radiant heat, and wind-driven rain and snow
  • Air flows through normally
  • Easy to install, retrofit, and paint (comes with pre-drilled holes)

Upon request, Brandguard Vents will take care of the installation of fire-resistant and ember-resistant vents, building permits, and painting.