Fire-Rated Undereave Round Vents

Proper ventilation is the most energy-efficient way to ensure your home’s entire attic is being cooled. Brandguard’s ember- and fire-resistant bird block hole vents provide the critical cool air intake needed to resist flame, ember, and radiant heat intrusion.

Brandguard Eave Vents are designed and tested to be used in high-severity fire hazard zones, our fire-rated fire plugs are ideal for:

  • Use in areas prone to wildfires and wind-driven rain and snow.
  • Resisting flame, ember, radiant heat, and wind-driven rain and snow intrusion.
  • Ensuring air flows through the attic normally.

Easy to install, retrofit, and paint, all our fire-resistant round vents come with pre-drilled holes.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Can be painted to match or complement your home’s exterior
  • Fits in a 1.5-inch, 2-inch, or 3-inch round hole
  • Anti-clogging overlapping baffles with one-sixteenth-inch mesh plate on the back of the vent
  • Overlapping baffle protection, so air flows through normally while resisting ember, flame, and wind-driven rain and snow intrusion
  • Prevents rodent entry
  • Approved for use throughout California and beyond
  • 20-year full warranty

Choose Brandguard Vents

While no home is entirely fireproof, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of wildfire-related damage. Developed by an experienced firefighter, Brandguard’s fire-resistant round vents meet all WUI requirements for use in wildfire risk areas. We also offer installation services for all our ember-resistant vents for California homes.

Model #
NFVA (Airflow)
Spec Sheet
1.5” Round
Flange Front / Retrofit
1 in
Download Spec Sheet
2” Round
Flange Front / Retrofit
1.2 in
Download Spec Sheet
3” Round
Flange Front / Retrofit
2 sq in
Download Spec Sheet

Upon request, Brandguard Vents will take care of the installation of fire-resistant and ember-resistant vents, building permits, and painting.