Ember Defense components Installed by BRANDGUARD

Nobody better than Brandguard can install ember stopping vents. The install team will swap your traditional unsafe vents with brand new ember defense vents and paint them to a color of your choice. 

If you’re unsure if your vents are up to code, Brandguard offers a range of vent services, including vent inspection.

Have you ever wondered why one home survives a wildfire more successfully than another? It can come down to many reasons, but the less-damaged home often had more fire protection in place.

Wise decisions regarding materials, design options, and home improvements can increase the odds your home will survive a future wildfire. The good news is that outfitting your home to withstand fire and ember exposure doesn’t have to be costly. And once you understand the exposures your property experiences during a wildfire, you can take steps today to protect it.

Home hardening protects your home against wildfires

One step you can take to protect your home is upgrading existing vents with new vents that are California State Fire Marshall approved to withstand ember storms created by wildfires.

Most home loss during a wildfire occurs due to direct flame contact, embers, or radiant heat igniting a part of the house. Many people are surprised to learn that embers cause the majority of wildfire home ignition. When embers land on your home’s roof, porch, or deck, they often find an opening where they can enter the house.

Brandguard Fire- and Ember-Resistant Vents

Vents allow air to circulate in your attic and moisture that can cause degradation to escape. Embers can easily slip through roof, attic, and foundation vents, where they ignite the contents and set the house afire.

Brandguard offers a range of fire- and ember-resistant vents for both retrofit applications and new construction, including:

Installed by BRANDGUARD

Keeping your home safe from wildfires involves more than having stucco siding or a metal roof. Smaller details like ember-resistant vents can also play a critical role in protecting your house, family, and belongings.

Brandguard offers vent installation services that ensure your home remains protected against California’s devastating wildfires. We inspect your existing vents and recommend alternative solutions that are ember and fire safe. And while we happily provide vent installation services to all our California customers, you can also buy our fire-rated products online and install them yourself.

Gutter Guards

Accumulating dry leaves pose a great risk of fire ignition, therefore CAL Fire is requiring the installation of metal guards in homes located in high fire risk zones. Brandguard Stainless Steel guards are the ideal solution to comply with the new legislation. Call us for a free estimate.

To schedule a vent inspection for your home, contact Brandguard Vents online today or call us at 949-305-8059.

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Stainless micro mesh gutter guard
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