Defending your home from wildfires is easy.

Enter your address and one of our experts will analyze your property. 

We will create a personalized home defense plan of actions.  Once approved, our licensed contractors, will replace your existing unsafe vents, installing new building code compliant vents without disturbing your siding, or roof tiles. The new vents will be painted to match your house color. (see pictures of typical installations, below). We also offer the installation of gutter guards to prevent accumulation of flammable leaves. Installing metal guards on the gutters is a CAL Fire requirement. Call us today for Your complete wildfire defense solutions, directly from BrandGuard. 


Painted Continuous Soffit Vent
Fire-resistant soffit vent in California home
A black gable end vent situated on the side of a light-colored home
Painted Gable Vent
Custom fire-resistant gable vent
Copper fire-rated foundation vents
Copper Foundation Vents
A dormer vent situated on the roof of a home