FAQ's About Ember/Fire stopping Vents — Chapter 49

What is the purpose of Chapter 49? 

Chapter 49 aims to reduce conditions that can facilitate the spread of fire. It requires homeowners and businesses to mitigate the vegetation and other conditions on their property that can destroy life or result in property loss. 

How do vents protect a home from fire? 

When wildfires burn, the embers they create are carried up by powerful winds generated by the fire. These embers can travel for miles and ignite structures upon contact. Ember-resistant vents help ensure that when these hot burning embers reach your home, they do not make contact with the readily combustible materials that are inside.

Are there other applicable codes that homeowners must comply with?

Chapter 49 stipulates that all structures must comply with California Building Code Chapter 7A, Residential Code Section R337, and Referenced Standards Code Chapter 12-7A.

What is a Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area?

This is an area designated by the state to be a fire hazard zone due to its significant risk of wildfire. Therefore, homes and businesses in these areas must adhere to strict construction standards specifically designed to reduce the potential for property loss and loss of life.

Is it possible to retrofit a home to be fire compliant?

Absolutely. Achieving compliance with Chapter 49 and Chapter 7A is completely possible and typically isn’t as time-consuming and costly as many homeowners fear. In most cases, only minor changes are required to bring a home or business into compliance.

Is it difficult to install new vents on an existing home?

Absolutely not! Replacing damaged or deficient vents in attics, crawlspace, eaves, soffits, dormers, gables, and other parts of the home is typically a straightforward process. Whether it takes a couple of hours or a couple of days, we guarantee the process is far faster than rebuilding a home after a devastating fire.

We encourage you to contact us with your questions about Chapter 49 and the steps Brandguard Vents takes to help protect your home from fire. It’s our pleasure to give you the answers you need to enjoy the protection you require. 

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