Galvanized Steel Vents

Each fire-rated vent that Brandguard offers is made following the highest quality standards and proudly manufactured in the USA. We go above and beyond by making our vents 26-gauge Grade 90. All our galvanized steel vents can be painted to match or complement the color of your house and are available with different installation flange options.

Galvanized Steel and Fire Resistance

Galvanized steel has long been recognized for its corrosion protection properties. But because it experiences a smaller temperature increase than other metals, it also provides excellent fire resistance, particularly in residential structures.

Galvanized steel is an excellent choice for home venting projects. It’s also used for piping, fittings, and air-conditioning equipment. Brandguard’s galvanized steel vents are easy to install and resist flame intrusion, embers, and extreme radiant heat.

Fire-Rated Galvanized Steel Vents from Brandguard Vents

Every vent Brandguard manufactures features a patented design that:

  • Surpasses industry standards
  • Is approved for use in “Very High Fire Threat Zones”
  • Complies with California’s new AB38 legislation that requires home hardening measures to be implemented in fire hazard zones


Since 2008, California homeowners have turned to Brandguard’s galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper vents for their home venting needs. Our vents are rigorously tested to meet ASTM standards, exhibit superior resistance to direct flames, embers, and radiant heat, and have passed stringent driving rain and snow tests.

Easy to install, retrofit, and paint, galvanized steel vents from Brandguard Vents come in a wide range of standard and custom sizes. We also offer complete vent installation and painting services for California homes. Contact us today to learn more.

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