Brandguard fire- and ember-resistant vents are your first line of defense during a wildfire. We offer an array of easy-to-install vents for a variety of applications.

We also provide accurate installation services throughout California, thanks to a wide network of authorized and licensed installers.

Customer Reviews

Take a look at the countless positive reviews we received from customers after installation of Brandguard vent by our outstanding installers. 

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From dormer vents to gable vents, soffit vents, and more, our professional, licensed, and insured contractors will install and paint your new vents to your satisfaction. Check out our photo gallery to see how attractive our vents can be.

Vent Materials

Every Brandguard vent is manufactured with the highest quality materials and industry standards. Available materials include galvanized steel, zinc-aluminum coated steel, stainless steel, and copper. All are approved for “Very High Fire Threat Zones” and can be painted to match or complement your home.

Installation Instructions

While Brandguard is always happy to install your new vents, you can also buy and install them yourself. We offer retrofit and new construction installation flanges, which easily fit into the openings where your old vents used to be.

Vent Inspections

When you schedule regular vent inspection services, you keep your home as safe as possible during a wildfire. Our vent inspection services include inspecting existing vents, recommending alternative solutions where needed, and installing replacement vents.


Building Code requirements 

Since 2008, homeowners throughout California have put their faith in Brandguard Vents. They value our vents’ unmatched resistance to embers, direct flames, and radiant heat, as well as their protection against driving rain. Our vents comply with the most stringent building code requirements and are approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshall. 

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Before/After Brandguard gable
Before/After Brandguard gable
Stainless micro mesh gutter guard
Stainless micro mesh gutter guard
Gable painted to match the exterior
Gable painted to match the exterior