Brandguard Vents offers a unique patented solution which stops both embers and fire from entering your home. Brandguard Vents’ ember-resistant vents are designed to stop embers from entering your home, before the fire arrives. Wildfires generate ember storms which spread the fire ahead of the actual front of the fire. Your house can be in danger even if you are not directly in the path of the fire.  All dwellings located in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas, should be equipped with ventilation systems capable of resisting the ingress of embers, greatly reducing the risks associated with wildfires. Both single family and multifamily structures use open ventilation to cool attic and crawl spaces, so it is of paramount importance that those vents are fire rated. Standard Vents cannot stop embers. Only products specifically designed and tested for fire/ember resistance can be used in WUI areas.

This is why flame and ember resistant vents are now a part of building code requirements in California and beyond.
Flame and Ember resistant vents are a building code requirement:

See Chapter 7A of the California Building Code.



Approvals: California Fire
Marshal State Listing

Brandguard Vents, with it’s overlapping baffle technology have been accepted and used throughout California since 2008. Our State approval can be found by visiting the website. The Brandguard Vents Extreme have been tested to the ASTM standard E2886/2912 which is a three-part national test that shows resistance to Direct Flames, Embers, Radiant Heat. Additionally, our gable and roof vents have passed stringent driving rain tests in Florida’s Miami Dade County, which prevents water leaks up to 140mph at a rate of 8” of rain per hour.

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Brandguard Vents are manufactured in several standard dimensions, but we can also provide custom sizes. Contact us for a free estimate on octagon, round, triangle vents in both very small and large sizes. We can also make vents in other materials such as stainless steel and copper. If required, our vents can be painted to match the exterior of your home. Call us today for a quote.