How Insurers Can Help Clients Reduce Their Wildfire Risk & Boost Profits

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Unfortunately, a wildfire can start when you least expect it, wreaking havoc in its path in no time. With this in mind, California residents should make sure their homes have comprehensive fire protection solutions. Attaining the proper knowledge and tools for fire prevention and protection is critical.

One way to potentially reduce the risks from wildfire damage is by partnering with insurance agents and companies. Many insurers can access advanced technologies that allow them to better predict the movements of wildfires. This includes aerial imagery, land-based sensors, and other tools used to determine the location and severity of wildfires.

Insurers can also use technology to accurately price policies, which can, in turn, boost profits. With climate change being a leading factor in increased wildfire activity, largely due to warmer, dryer regions, it’s critical that clients are properly insured and prepared with sufficient fire protection.

Ways To Reduce Wildfire Risk

Risk prevention programs, such as the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), highly encourage people to practice achievable wildfire protection methods. Some crucial steps to take include:

Install Fire-Rated Vents

Fire-rated vents are required by law for new homes under Chapter 7A of the California building code. These vents are available in a range of designs, all working to prevent heat and embers from entering your home and causing damage. Even if your home isn’t in the direct line of fire, embers can harm you and your home without warning.

Install a Fire-Rated Roof

Like vents, fire-rated roofs are designed to prevent destruction to your home due to wildfires. Clay, concrete, and other similar materials are often used because of their heat resistance and durability.

Create Adequate Space Around the Home

A great rule of thumb is to keep at least 5 feet of space cleared around your home. This 5-foot area is known as the “home ignition zone,” so clearing out brush, trees, branches, and other vegetation from the area is a good way to reduce the risk of ignition.

Choose Brandguard Vents for Exceptional Fire-Rated Vent Services

Brandguard Vents is a leading provider of fire-rated ventilation services in California. Started in 2003, our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry, giving us the resources we need to provide our clients with reputable services that will improve their well-being, peace of mind, and the integrity of their home.

We aim to provide complete service from start to finish, from delivery to installation. We’ll help you determine the right ventilation system for your needs, and we’ll safely and efficiently install them for maximum heat and ember resistance. We’re also proud to be part of TENMAT, a leading manufacturer of fire protection components and advanced materials with over 100 years of experience.

Want to learn more about how we can best help you? Call Brandguard Vents today to schedule fire-rated vent services.


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