Brandguard offers an innovative solution to protect your home. Flying embers are the number one threat, because they can travel for miles and enter your attic through the roof openings. The building code and the new Assembly Bill 38 now require all the vents to be fire/ember resistant, and all gutters to be protected by metal mesh. Our company is specialized in the manufacturing of vents which can be retrofitted over your existing opening, without disturbing the siding, or the roof tiles/shingles. The gutter guards are also installed on top of the existing gutters without any visible modification. 

Our selected authorized and licensed contractors will remove your unsafe vents, replacing them with fire/ember stopping Brandguard Vents. Call us today to schedule your  FREE estimate. 

Upon request, our experts can perform a comprehensive WILDFIRE risk assessment, which includes: home hardening, vegetation management, defensible space, and application of fire retardants. 

Brandguard Vents are fully accredited by a California laboratory, and more importantly, they are listed by CAL Fire Office of the State Fire Marshal.

All our products underwent stringent ember and fire-resistant testing, according to ASTM E2886 E2912 which is a three-part national test that shows resistance to Direct Flames, Hot Embers, and Radiant Heat. Additionally, our gable and roof vents have passed stringent driving rain tests in Florida’s Miami Dade County, which prevents water leaks up to 140mph at a rate of 8” of rain per hour.

All standard Brandguard Vents are made with Galvanized Steel, and they are also available, upon request, in Copper or Stainless Steel. The vents are usually painted to match the existing house color, to blend seamlessly. Gutter guards are exclusively made with a fine Stainless Steel mesh designed to trap leaves, and pine needles, letting water flow freely.  

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