At Brandguard Vents, we know your greatest investment is your home or business. With the increasing prevalence of wildfires during California’s hot and windy seasons, you may be looking for ways to improve your property’s fire safety. One of the easiest ways to help keep your property safe during fire season is to replace existing vents. 

Traditional vents allow wind-blown embers to enter a building, which is the primary way wildfires spread. But, with Brandguard Vents’ fire-rated vents, you can protect your home from embers and reduce the risk of fire.

Since 2003, we’ve helped California homes and businesses keep their property safe with complete service from product selection to delivery and installation. Our advanced fire protection solutions give customers the peace of mind that their property is protected.

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Our Products

Brandguard Vents is proud to be a part of TENMAT, the leading manufacturer of fire protection components and advanced materials with over 100 years of experience. You can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality products. We offer a variety of fire protection solutions for your home or business, including:

  • Soffit vents: Our soffit vents provide clog-free protection while keeping your attic cool and extending your roof’s life span. They allow airflow from the soffit to the roof peak and block wildfire embers from entering your home through the attic.
  • Eave vents: Our under-eave or bird-hole eave vents allow air to flow naturally in your attic while protecting you from dangerous embers.
  • Dormer vents: Brandguard Vents’ double-baffled dormer vents enhance attic ventilation without making your attic vulnerable to wind-swept embers.
  • Sub-flashing roof vents: These vents provide ember protection for your current low-profile roof vents, mushroom vents, or turbine vents.
  • Gable vents: With our louvered rectangular, round, triangular, and custom-shaped gable vents, you can prevent embers from entering your home without impeding airflow in your attic.
  • Foundation vents: Choose our fire-resistant foundation vents to maximize circulation around your foundation while preventing flames and embers from entering your crawl space.
  • Balcony vents: Our 60-inch balcony vents fit stucco or lap siding and provide fire protection without compromising airflow.

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Choose Brandguard Vents for Safety & Peace of Mind

Brandguard Vents is ready to shield your home from wildfire embers. Developed in 2003 by a California firefighter, Brandguard Vents has a patented baffle-front design to help protect your property from the spread of wildfire. Together with TENMAT, we offer unrivaled innovation and technical expertise to ensure your home is safe and protected from wildfires.

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