At Brandguard Vents, we understand how important it is to protect your Monterey home from wildfires. California is seeing real increases in wildfire events, so now is a great time to fortify your home against fires. Brandguard Vents has delivered fire-rated vent services to protect Monterey homes from wildfire embers for years. When you’re ready to boost your home’s fire protection, turn to our team.

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Our Products & Services

At Brandguard Vents, we offer a variety of solutions that use current fire prevention technologies to protect your Monterey home.

Eave Vents

In locations known for high winds and frequent wildfires, eave vents from Brandguard Vents offer excellent protection. By design, they help ensure your attic gets proper cooling and ventilation while defending against embers, flames, and radiant heat.

Soffit Vents

Manufactured here in the U.S., our soffit vents are simple to install. They’re paint-ready to accentuate your home’s exterior aesthetic style, and their design helps protect against radiant heat and embers.

Foundation Vents

Our foundation vents are constructed from copper or galvanized steel. This product protects basements, garages, and crawl spaces from wildfire embers.

Dormer Vents

Dormer vents from Brandguard Vents are designed to resist strong winds and other intense weather conditions. They promote attic circulation while dependably defending against flames and embers.

Sub-Flashing Roof Vents

Backed by a full 20-year warranty, sub-flashing roof vents from Brandguard Vents prevent clogging, support ventilation, and offer excellent defense against even the smallest embers.

Gable Vents

At Brandguard Vents, we install triangular, round, or custom gable vent shapes and sizes to meet your home’s needs. These paintable solutions offer outstanding protection against embers and flames.

Balcony Vents

California has strict fire codes, and our removable balcony vents meet or exceed them. These 60-inch lengths fit to stucco or siding. Available widths include 4 inches and 6 inches.

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Reliable Vent Installation by Brandguard Vents

The installation teams at Brandguard Vents know how to ensure your home has the best defenses against fire events. We know how to identify vent weaknesses that could increase the risk of fire danger to your home. With years of expert training, our highly trained inspectors know which solutions to recommend for home fire defense. Our goal is to provide your home with durable, reliable protection.

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Choose Brandguard Vents for Dependable Safety Services

Our top priority at Brandguard Vents is your safety. We customize our fire protection services and solutions to meet the needs of Monterey homeowners. Our rigid quality standards guarantee that our work and products comply with every applicable fire and building code.

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