Protecting your home from a fire is crucial. With wildfires becoming increasingly common events in California, there is no time like the present to make sure your home is well-fortified against a potential fire. At BrandGuard Vents, our specialists can ensure your home is protected should a fire ever threaten your neighborhood.

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Our Products

We offer a broad range of products that allow us to seamlessly integrate the latest fire prevention technologies into your San Mateo home. These include:

Soffit Vents

These protect from embers and radiant heat. In addition, our Made in the USA soffit vents are designed for easy installation and can be painted to blend seamlessly with your home’s existing exterior.

Foundation Vents

Our custom foundation vents are easily installed in crawl spaces, basements, and garages and are made of galvanized steel or copper.

Dormer Vents

Our dormer vents are highly resistant to wind and other weather conditions. Each will allow your attic to breathe while still providing reliable protection against embers and flames.

Eave Vents

Our eave vents ensure the attic is properly ventilated and cooled, which helps your home resist radiant heat, flames, and embers. These are ideal for areas where wildfires and high winds are common.

Gable Vents

Made of copper or steel, we can install round, triangular, or custom shapes and sizes on your home. In addition, each gable vent can be painted to blend in with your home, and each will provide superior protection against flames and embers.

Balcony Vents

Our removable balcony vents are designed to meet California’s rigid fire codes. These are available in 4-inch or 6-inch widths and 60-inch lengths and can be fitted to siding or stucco.

Sub Flashing Roof Vents

These wildfire-rated roof vents will protect your home from the smallest embers and are designed to prevent clogging. In addition, these vents do not impede ventilation and come with a 20-year full warranty.

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Installed by Brandguard

Our installation teams will ensure that your home is ready for a fire event. We inspect your home’s vents to determine where there are weaknesses that expose your home to danger. Our inspectors are highly trained experts who can recommend solutions that will strengthen your protection and give your home the best chance of survival should a fire come through the area.

We encourage you to contact BrandGuard Vents at 949-516-9122 to schedule a vent inspection of your San Mateo home. 

Depend on BrandGuard Vents for Your Safety!

At BrandGuard Vents, your safety is our top priority. Our services are tailored to the needs of California homeowners and the fire threats inherent to the regions we service. We adhere to strict quality standards and guarantee that our products and services comply with all applicable building and fire codes.

We invite you to contact BrandGuard Vents at 949-516-9122 to learn more about the strategies we use to keep your San Mateo home safe and secure. Our experts can answer your questions and help you determine which solutions are best for your home and family.