In Atascadero, CA, where wildfires are an ever-present concern, protecting your home with the right defenses is critical. Brandguard Vents offers advanced fire protection vents, a vital part of safeguarding your home against embers and flames. 

Since 2003, we’ve helped homeowners keep their homes safe. As part of TENMAT’s century-long legacy in fire protection, Brandguard Vents provides unmatched quality and service to ensure your peace of mind during wildfire season.

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Our Fire-Rated Vents

At Brandguard Vents, our vents are designed to block the entry of embers and flames into your home, reducing the risk of fire damage. 

Our range of products includes:

  • Soffit vents: These vents protect the underside of your roof overhangs while ensuring proper attic ventilation. 
  • Gable vents: Our gable vents prevent embers from entering your home without compromising attic airflow. They’re designed to shield the triangular area of your sidewalls.
  • Foundation vents: Protect your home’s foundation from dangerous embers with our specially designed vents that offer security and airflow. 
  • Balcony vents: These vents are specifically crafted to guard vulnerable areas under raised decks and balconies. 
  • Dormer vents: Dormer vents are installed on the sloped part of the roof to provide critical attic ventilation, helping regulate temperature and moisture levels while blending with the dormer windows.
  • Eave vents: Eave vents are in the underside of your roof’s overhang and allow cool air to enter the attic, promoting effective cross-ventilation and reducing heat and moisture buildup.
  • Sub-flashing roof ventsThese vents are designed to ensure a watertight seal between the roof vent and roofing materials, preventing water from getting in and protecting the roof structure while allowing hot air and moisture to escape from the attic.

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Fire-Rated Vent Installation

Installing fire-rated vents is a precise process that requires expertise to ensure maximum protection. Our team at Brandguard Vents has the skills and experience to provide professional installations throughout Atascadero. 

From selecting the right products for your home to the final installation, we handle everything with care and attention to detail, making sure your vents are correctly fitted for proper defense against wildfires. 

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Brandguard Vents for fire-rated vent services in Atascadero. Our skilled technicians are leaders in fire protection technology. We’re proud of our vents, which are known for keeping homes safe in areas at risk for wildfires. We offer a full range of services from selection to installation. Our team has over 100 years of combined expertise and an understanding of California’s unique fire challenges.

When you protect your Atascadero home with Brandguard Vents, you choose top-tier safety and peace of mind. We want to help you ensure your home is a safe haven against the threat of wildfires.

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