Wildfires are a severe threat to properties in Calaveras County, CA. The smoke and embers fill the air, getting into homes through exterior vents where they can ignite flammable materials.

For over 20 years, Brandguard Vents has provided fire-rated vents to shield California properties from wildfire embers. Our specialists install these durable products with expert precision, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your home.

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Products We Offer in Calaveras County

The Brandguard Vents team puts your safety first, which is why we carry exceptional fire protection products, including:

Our specialists can thoroughly install, maintain, or inspect your fire-rated vents to ensure they’re ready to withstand the next wildfire.

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Fire Vent Inspection

Our fire vent inspections ensure that your fire vents are ready to shield your home from wildfire embers. During our fire vent inspections, our specialists will:

  • Inspect your existing vents to confirm they’re secure and functioning correctly.
  • Examine your home for vulnerable points where stray embers could enter.
  • Apply a wide range of solutions, including gap sealing, when applicable.
  • And more

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Why Choose Brandguard Vents?

Brandguard Vents has been at the frontline, protecting properties from wildfires for over 20 years. Our team strives to deliver unparalleled services that will add a layer of protection to your home. Choose Brandguard Vents for custom solutions for your fire protection needs.

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