Between the high temperatures and relatively dry climate in Napa County, wildfires are always a risk to homes and businesses in the area. At Brandguard Vents, our products help minimize the chance of embers entering your soffit or gable vents. Our fire-rated vents maintain much-needed ventilation while keeping out embers that could spread fire to the interior of your building. 

We sell and manufacture a wide selection of fire protection vents and offer complete installation services throughout Napa County. Our vents are manufactured from top-quality materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel, and copper, and they can be painted to match the color of your home.

Give your home extra protection during wildfire season with fire-rated vents from Brandguard Vents. 

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Areas We Serve in Napa County

Napa County is an ideal place to buy a home and raise a family with plenty of incredible scenery, historic homes, and thriving wine-making and restaurant industries. Brandguard Vents will help you protect your investment with our unique and effective fire protection vents. 

We make and install fire-rated vents for homes throughout the Napa County area. We serve these cities and communities:

  • American Canyon
  • Angwin
  • Calistoga
  • Deer Park
  • Napa
  • Oakville
  • Moskowite Corner
  • Pope Valley
  • Rutherford
  • Saint Helena
  • Silverado Resort
  • Yountville
  • Aetna Springs
  • Berryessa Highlands
  • Capell Valley
  • Chiles Valley
  • Circle Oaks
  • Dry Creek
  • Gordon Valley
  • Lokoya
  • Los Carneros
  • Mt. Veeder
  • Soda Canyon
  • Spanish Flat
  • Vichy Springs

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Fire-Rated Vents for Your Napa County Home

When you need quality vents for your Napa County home that look great and are fire-resistant, turn to Brandguard Vents. Our products feature unique vents and baffling that maximize airflow into and out of your home while stopping embers from entering. 

Intumescent materials provide an additional layer of protection against embers and hot gases, and a choice of flanges provides secure mounting for applications like new construction, stucco siding, cement board, and more. 

Our products include:

  • Soffit & eave vents: Make sure your attic has plenty of airflow to cool your roof while minimizing the risk of fire with our soffit and eave vents for all styles of eaves.
  • Gable vents: Vent hot air out of your attic without worrying about sparks and embers with our gable vents.
  • Dormer vents: Let hot air escape your attic with fire-rated dormer vents added strategically throughout your roof deck.
  • Sub-flashing roof ventsDo you have low-profile roof vents, turbine vents, or mushroom vents that could use better fire protection? Add our sub-flashing vents to the underside of these standard vents to keep out embers and sparks.
  • Foundation vents: Help keep hot embers and flames out of basements, crawl spaces, and garages while maintaining proper ventilation with our foundation vents.
  • Balcony vents: These can be opened or removed for inspection while offering effective protection against hot embers for balconies and similar structures.

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Give your Napa County home every chance to survive a fire by adding our fire-rated vents from Brandguard Vents. We offer top-quality products and professional fire protection vent installations that will meet all local building and fire codes. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to your safety, and we’ll ensure that you’re completely satisfied.

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