Orange County residents know the dangers of wildfires firsthand. However, the flames are only one part of the dangers they present to you and your home. The smoke and embers fill the air, scatter on the wind, and can enter your home through exterior vents.

Brandguard Vents offers a comprehensive range of fire-rated products to defend your home. Our custom vents will guard your home against wildfire embers without sacrificing circulation.

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Our Fire-Rated Vents in Orange County, CA

Our fire protection products will seamlessly integrate with your existing vents and your home’s exterior style. Our products include:

  • Soffit vents: Our soffit vents are locally made and designed to protect your house from radiant heat. This patented system will keep blown embers outdoors.
  • Foundation vents: Every garage and basement is different, so we design our foundation vents to fit their designated space flawlessly. This product combines galvanized steel and copper to achieve a strong, heat-resistant design.
  • Dormer vents: Our dormer vents can withstand harsh environments. Our products will keep your property ventilated if you live in a region that experiences frequent wildfires and high winds.
  • Eave vents: This product keeps your attic well-ventilated and cool while offering protection against embers, fires, and radiant heat.
  • Gable vents: We construct our gable vents from copper or galvanized steel. Every gable has unique specifications, so our products are highly adaptive. We offer them in an array of shapes and sizes, including round and custom designs. We’ll maintain your elegant aesthetics with our vent palette.
  • Balcony vents: California’s strict building codes require ventilation for enclosed attics, rafters, and other openings. Our balcony vents withstand Chapter 706A’s stringent ember and flame intrusion tests and are fully removable. We make them in 4-, 6-, and 60-inch versions that are perfect for stucco roofing and siding.
  • Sub-flashing roof vents: Our retrofitted sub-flashing vents are fire- and ember-resistant. Like all our roof vents, they’re designed to sustain adequate ventilation and are wildfire rated. Plus, they come with a 20-year warranty.

Fire-Rated Vent Installation

Proper installation is vital to correct operation, life span, and more. Our highly trained installation crew has the experience, knowledge, and tools to provide hassle-free installations and quality work. We’ll perform a comprehensive vent inspection to detect vulnerabilities and determine the pain points we need to address. 

Our inspectors have an intimate knowledge of the region’s regulations and fire hazards, so you can be confident that your home will have an unwavering layer of protection when we’re done.

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Why Choose Brandguard Vents?

Brandguard Vents offers innovative products built to the highest quality standards and compliant with your local fire and building codes. Our services are tailored to every client we serve, so you’ll always receive unparalleled results.

A firefighter launched our business in 2003 after he’d experienced hundreds of household vulnerabilities firsthand. To address those weaknesses, we’ve created a patented system that protects against wildfires effectively. 

We’re part of TENMAT — a fire protection component manufacturer with over a century of industry experience, so you can hire us with confidence.

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Areas We Serve

Brandguard Vents provides fire-rated vent services for properties throughout Orange County, California, including:

  • Anaheim
  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine
  • Fullerton
  • Garden Grove
  • Cypress
  • And more
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