Brandguard Vents is your trusted state-of-the-art fire protection vents provider in Valley Center, CA. Since 2003, we’ve dedicated ourselves to safeguarding California homes against the dangers of wildfires. Our unique ember-resistant vents, designed and installed with precision, are your first defense in wildfire-prone areas.

Fire-rated vents block embers from entering homes, significantly reducing the risk of internal fires during wildfire events. With the increasing intensity and frequency of wildfires in California, fire-rated vents are an essential preventative measure.

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Our Vent Products

At Brandguard Vents, we offer a variety of fire-rated vent solutions, each designed to meet specific needs and California building codes. Our vents are made of fireproof materials like stainless or galvanized steel and copper.

Our selection includes:

  • Soffit & under-eave ventsDesigned to protect the underside of roof eaves, soffit and under-eave vents prevent ember intrusion while ensuring proper attic ventilation.
  • Foundation ventsThese vents protect your home’s foundation from embers and flames, which is crucial for fire protection in ground-level and basement areas.
  • Dormer ventsInstalled on the roof’s dormers, these vents provide critical ember and fire protection while maintaining air circulation in attics.
  • Gable ventsIdeal for attic ventilation, they block embers and flames, preventing them from entering the home through roof gables.
  • Sub-base vents: Specifically designed for sub-floor applications, these vents offer robust fire protection for the lower sections of your home while ensuring necessary ventilation.
  • Ridge vents: These are installed along the roof’s ridge line to provide superior fire protection and air exhaust from the attic, balancing safety with functionality.
  • Removable balcony vents: Uniquely designed for balconies, these removable vents offer fire protection without compromising the aesthetic and structural integrity of balcony areas.

Each product is tailored to meet specific ventilation and fire protection needs in different parts of a home, ensuring comprehensive safety against wildfires.

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Fire-Rated Vent Installation

Our expert team at Brandguard Vents handles every aspect of fire-rated vent installation. We ensure that each vent is perfectly fitted and meets all safety regulations, providing peace of mind and enhanced protection against wildfires.

The Benefits of Fire-Rated Vents

Having fire-rated vents in California homes offers significant benefits, enhancing fire safety and improving air quality during wildfire events.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Fire-rated vents prevent embers and flames from entering the home.
  • They can help filter out harmful smoke and ash during wildfires.
  • In many areas of California, fire-rated vents are required by law.
  • Some insurance companies may offer lower premiums for homes with fire-rated vents.
  • A better-protected home against wildfires can provide peace of mind.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing Brandguard Vents means choosing a partner with over a century of experience in fire protection, now under the umbrella of TENMAT’s excellence. Our commitment to complete service — from product selection to delivery and installation — sets us apart. Trust us to keep your Valley Center home safer during wildfire season.

Join the growing number of homeowners who trust Brandguard Vents for their fire protection needs. 

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