What New California Homeowners Need To Know About Fire Vents

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Wildfires are ever-present in California, and homeowners must ensure their homes have the proper measures to protect against their damaging effects. Fire vents play a crucial role in fire safety for many reasons, and having them installed is critical for proper safety and efficiency.

To get the most out of your vents, you need to know the ins and outs of each, including their fire-safety properties and potential insurance benefits. Here are some things homeowners need to know about fire-rated vents in California.

The Importance of Fire-Rated Vents

While a fire can wreak incomprehensible havoc on your home, it’s not the only thing that can cause damage. Without proper ventilation and protection, you run the risk of embers, radiant heat, and other remnants of wildfires entering and destroying your home.

Many people fail to realize that most home fires are actually caused by embers and not direct flames. Fire-rated vents are designed to block these things and improve the ventilation and moisture in your home.

The Benefits of Fire-Rated Vents

When you install fire-rated vents at your California home, you’ll inevitably reap many benefits for years. Your home is likely your most significant investment, so it needs to be protected. Some of the benefits you’ll get with fire-rated vents include:

  • Protection: Fire-rated vents will better protect you, your home, and your belongings from the effects of wildfires.
  • Compliance: Our fire-rated vents are approved by the California State Fire Marshall and comply with building codes.
  • Hassle-free installation: Having fire-rated vents installed is a seamless, cost-friendly process.
  • Insurance benefits: Many insurance companies offer tax credits or discounts to homeowners who install fire-rated vents.

Common Concerns Homeowners Face When Choosing Fire-Rated Vents

While fire-rated vents are crucial for California residents, homeowners often have some concerns when selecting the right design; it can be difficult to know which type of vent will work best for your home.

One common concern is integrating fire-rated vents into your existing home design. Brandguard Vents can effectively swap out your current vents for reliable fire-rated vents, and we offer a range of models to choose from. 

Another concern is aesthetics. Our vents can be painted to match the theme of your home, making it effortless to fit them in with your existing design and style. While maintenance is also a concern, the process should be similar to standard ventilation. Frequently clearing your vents of debris like dirt and leaves, keeping an eye out for corrosion and rust, and ensuring the screen surfaces are clean are some easy steps homeowners can take.

Schedule Fire-Rated Vent Installation

Keep you and your many assets protected from relentless California wildfires with fire-rated vents from Brandguard Vents. Now part of the leading manufacturer of fire protection components and advanced materials, TENMAT, we’re confident we can supply you with trusted ventilation services. From selecting the product to delivery and installation, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Ready to shield your home from wildfire embers? Call 949-305-8059 today to schedule fire-rated vent services with our team.


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