How The Safer From Wildfires Program Works in California

Active wildfire in a California forest.

In California, families face unique threats when it comes to fire safety. With wildfire concerns on the rise in recent years, the state has worked to establish the Safer From Wildfires Program in an effort to mitigate safety risks and provide homeowners with savings for strengthening their fire safety efforts.

Below, the fire safety experts at Brandguard Vents discuss what the Safer From Wildfires program is and how local families can take advantage of the program to enjoy a safer living environment and reap available benefits.

What Is the Safer From Wildfires Program?

Safer From Wildfires is the first program of its kind to mandate insurance premium discounts for home and business owners who try to strengthen protection for their properties against wildfire events. Under the program, insurance companies will reward customers who take specific mitigation precautions, including:

Structural Protection

Adding these protections to your property may qualify you for insurance discounts through the Safer From Wildfires program:

  • Class-A fire-rated roofs
  • 5-foot ember-resistant zone (including fending within 5 feet)
  • Noncombustible 6 inches at the bottom of exterior walls
  • Ember- and fire-resistant vents
  • Multi-pane windows or shutters
  • Enclosed eaves

Landscaping Protection

Taking these precautions for your surroundings may also earn you an insurance discount:

  • Clearing vegetation and debris from beneath decks
  • Removing combustible sheds and outbuildings from the immediate surroundings of your property (at least 30 feet away)
  • Trimming trees, removing brush and debris from the yard, and remaining in compliance with state and local ordinances for keeping a defensible space

How Does the Safer From Wildfires Program Work?

Through the program, insurance companies must provide each of their customers with their property’s wildfire risk score, and customers must have a right to appeal that score. This score will ultimately determine the consumer’s eligibility for a discount on their premium.

The higher the score, the greater your discount potential, making fire safety improvements a worthwhile investment that can result in tremendous savings for you and your family.

Protect Your Home With Fire-Rated Vents

If you’re looking for a way to cut costs for your household while enhancing your protection from fire hazards, Brandguard Vents can help. Our team specializes in installing ember-resistant fire protection vents for properties throughout California, giving families the protection they need to mitigate risk and ensure the highest degree of safety in their homes.

We work closely with each customer from product selection to delivery and installation, going above and beyond to develop a personalized plan to keep their homes safer during a wildfire.

Get the ember-resistant fire safety vents your home needs to stay safe and reap available discounts under the Safer From Wildfires program. Call 949-305-8059 to get a fire protection vent installation quote.


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