What Are the Warning Signs That a Wildfire Could Start Soon?

View of wildfire on a mountain in the distance.

Wildfires can spread quickly and unpredictably, leading to widespread destruction and devastation. They don’t appear out of nowhere, however. Three things are needed to ignite and sustain any fire: oxygen, heat, and fuel.

In the case of wildfires, several key environmental conditions provide an opportunity for these three things to come together. Understanding the factors that can lead to deadly wildfires can help you recognize the signs that one may be on the horizon.

High Temperatures

Wildfires aren’t impossible in cooler temperatures, but they’re much more likely to grow and spread quickly when temperatures are higher. That’s because less energy is needed to bring vegetation and structures to their ignition temperature.

Low Humidity

Wildfires are less intense when there’s a lot of moisture in the air or high humidity. Low humidity allows wildfires to spread faster because there’s less moisture in the air and less moisture in vegetation.

Low Soil & Vegetation Moisture

The combination of higher temperatures and low humidity has an overall drying effect on plants, trees, and other vegetation. This makes them more flammable and a more potent fuel for a wildfire.

Strong Winds

The presence and intensity of wind have a major effect on how fast and well a wildfire can spread. Strong winds add oxygen to fuel wildfires and carry sparks, which can cause a wildfire to grow and spread rapidly.

Dry Lightning

Dry lightning or dry thunderstorms refer to lightning that occurs without rain in the vicinity, which is extremely dangerous and is a significant contributing factor to wildfires. This weather phenomenon most often happens in deserts and other low-humidity areas.

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