California Wildfire Risk Explained

Distant view of wildfire spreading across the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

It comes as no surprise that much of California is prone to wildfires. Unfortunately, while numbers have always been quite high, statistics show that said numbers are only worsening. Several factors play into the risk of wildfires and why the threat is ever-increasing.

Below, we’ll discuss approximately how much of California is at a high or extreme risk of wildfires, what typically causes them, and how you can better protect yourself with fire-rated ventilation and expert services.

How Much of California Is at Wildfire Risk?

Around 85% of rural areas in California are at a high risk of wildfires. This equates to a quarter of the state, which is more than 25 million acres of land. Additionally, more than 25% of all California residents live in these areas.

The map highlighting the wildfire severity zones in California has jumped 14.6% since it was last updated in 2007. In 2017 alone, California saw 12 out of 20 of the state’s largest wildfires ever, sparking a major turning point in change. Within the past five years, California has averaged around 7,000 wildfires per year.

Wildfires are inevitable, and they’re increasing in both frequency and intensity as climate change worsens. Wildfire season has expanded, covering more of the year than it used to.

The blazes now often cover more ground and spread faster. Things like a buildup of vegetation and droughts leading to drier climates are fuel for wildfires. Lightning and self-made fires can also lead to wildfires that are difficult to contain.

Protect Your Home With Fire-Rated Vents

Installing fire-rated vents at home is a necessary step when it comes to better securing your property throughout the year in wildfire-prone areas. Brandguard Vents specializes in supplying and installing our fire-rated vents; we’ve provided them to California homeowners since 2003. 

Our high-quality vents are designed to hinder flames and embers from entering your home during wildfires, making them crucial in protecting you, your loved ones, and your home. We’re proudly part of TENMAT, a leader in manufacturing fire protection with over 100 years of experience.

We’ll help you select the right style of vent for your specific home and install it with precision and promptness so you’re ready for the next wildfire season.

Protect your home against relentless wildfires. Schedule fire-rated vent services in California with Brandguard Vents by calling 949-305-8059 today.


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