NEW Canadian rules for WUI areas

Canada has recently issued a NEW National Guide for Wildland Urban Interface areas. Under the new Canadian guidelines  “Service Openings and Vents Openings required for soffit venting or the ventilation of roof spaces should be enclosed by materials tested using ASTM E2886”. Brandguard Vents are ASTM E2886 tested and approved, so Canadian homeowners, home builders, […]

Insurance Discount

Brandguard Vents is proud to be recognized by major insurance companies. Call your agent today and ask if your insurance offers a discount on your homeowners policy if you install fire-rated Vents. Watch the “Wildfire Readiness Ember Resistant Venting” video posted by AIG insurance for more information.    

Balcony Inspection Vent Product Launch Newsflash

NEW Balcony Inspection Vent designed to comply with California Senate Bill 721 and Senate Bill 326 BRANDGUARD Vents are WUI compliant (Ember/Fire stopping), easy to open (see video), and easy to install. Our patented design offers unique advantages: maintenance free, paintable to match the balcony color, periodical mandatory balcony inspections without damages to the stucco, […]

Acquisition Newsflash

TENMAT is excited to officially announce its acquisition of California based Brandguard Vents, a leading supplier of wildfire rated vents, which protect against direct ingress of wildfire embers and flames into buildings. Brandguard Vents were invented in 2003 by Brent Berkompas while working as a firefighter for the City of San Bernardino, California. Since then […]

Brandguard’s Beginnings

Firefighter Brent Berkompas tells how and why he founded this company to develop flame and ember resistant vents to protect homes from wildfires.

Compare With Standard Vents

Testing shows how flame- and ember-resistant Brandguard Vents are superior to conventional vents, and thereby able to meet the new California Building Code. View a side-by-side comparison for help with your switch to new soffit, foundation, dormer, eave, gable, balcony, or roof vents today!

Fireproofing Your Home

Photo of a burning house - Fireproofing your home

Brandguard Vents featured on the evening news as a key reason why some houses survive wildfires while other houses do not.