Wildfire Risk Report

With the highest number of homes in the western U.S., California usually tops the list each year for wildfire risks. However, many other states also have a significant numbers of homes at risk. Florida, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico join California in the top five states for number of homes at risk to wildfire. Wildfires […]

Commissioner Lara enforces nation’s first wildfire safety regulation to help drive down cost of insurance

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara will enforce the new insurance pricing regulation he wrote recognizing and rewarding wildfire safety and mitigation efforts made by homeowners and businesses. Commissioner Lara’s regulation is the first in the nation requiring insurance companies to provide discounts to consumers under the Safer from Wildfires framework created by the California […]

Press Release 5/12/2022

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., May 13, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Why did the recent coastal fire burn $5M-$10 million homes that were supposed to be built with the highest fire standards? Kelly Berkompas has a simple answer that many homeowners may not be aware of: “They all had vulnerable openings that provided a straight path for embers into […]

Wildland-Urban Interface Conference 2022

Protection. Prevention. Mitigation. The IAFC’s Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) conference offers hands-on training and interactive sessions designed to address the challenges of wildland fire

5 STAR Reviews

Take a look at the positive reviews we received from countless customers that feel safer after having Brandguard Vents installed. https://www.brandguardvents.com/reviews/ Home hardening is a critical factor to improve the survivability of structures during wildfires. All homes have vulnerable “point of entry” that must be sealed to avoid hot embers and fire from entering the […]

Winter is coming

Before/After Brandguard gable

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New Product

In compliance with CAL Fire requirements and California legislation (Assembly Bill 38), Brandguard is now offering the installation of Stainless Steel fine mesh gutter protection. This is an essential item to complete the protection of your property against wind browned embers. If you live in a fire risk zone, you need to make sure dry […]