Why Is It So Hard for Firefighters To Put Out Wildfires?

Silhouettes of three firefighters standing in front of a blazing wildfire at night.

For California residents, the devastation of fire season has become all too common. As fires continue to rage through the state, people may wonder why putting them out is so hard. Unfortunately, many factors contribute to the difficulty of controlling and stopping wildfires.

Wildfires often start in remote areas and can go undetected for days, and the quick spread through embers mixed with dry California vegetation means there’s plenty of fuel. Firefighters’ indirect methods are the only option to stop the flames but are only so effective.

What’s most important for Californians to remember is the need for fire prevention, since wildfires will continue to plague our state for the foreseeable future.

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Lack of Detection

California forest fires often start in remote areas that are lush with trees and brush. That’s why it can be anywhere from hours to days before these fires are detected, and at this point, they’re large enough that they’re difficult to control.

While California continues to use fire watch towers, aerial detection, and other tools, there’s only so much that can be done to speed up the detection process.

Quick Spread

The remote location of wildfires means they spread quickly from tree to tree and bush to bush. In addition, embers can travel up to five miles while still ignited, making the spread difficult to control and often reaching beyond fire lines, causing firefighters to evacuate and pick up the fight at a further distance. 

Increasingly Dry Climate

With global warming increasing temperatures and causing significant drought, California’s landscape has become increasingly dry. When early fall winds pick up, it can be devastating in terms of wildfire spread. With plentiful fuel and minimal humidity, fires have all they need to rage for days or even weeks.

Indirect Firefighting

Indirect firefighting means firefighters are working to control the fire from outside the blaze. They often focus on using control lines to minimize the spread and relying on natural barriers like rivers, cliffs, and more to reduce the size of the fire.

However, these methods are only so effective and often come with their own difficulties, including safely using machinery to remove brush, finding ways to cut down hazardous trees, and helping protect and preserve wildlife. 

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