When Is Wildfire Season in California?

Most homeowners in California aren’t strangers to the effects of wildfires and how unpredictable and unruly they can be. Considering the damage wildfires can bring, it’s crucial that California residents take the necessary precautions to combat them and keep themselves, their loved ones, and their property safe.

Brandguard Vents offers comprehensive wildfire protection that will enhance your protective measures come fire season.

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When Peak Fire Season Arrives

Peak fire season is the period when wildfires are more likely to start. Over the years, fire season has primarily fallen between May and October, with September and October being the two most vulnerable months.

While many assume the hot summer is a major cause of wildfires, it’s more of an issue during the dry, windy autumn. Even if fires are more frequent during summer, they’re typically less damaging than ones that strike later in the year.

Studies show that out of the 20 most destructive wildfires in California history, 12 of them have occurred in September and October. The northern and southern points of California are also more susceptible to wildfires.

Climate Change’s Impact on Wildfire Season

The effects of climate change have undoubtedly impacted the time frame and force of wildfires, with some experts claiming that wildfires are susceptible to strike year-round as opposed to being limited to a specific season. Less rain during the fall also increases the chances of wildfires occurring well into winter.

Get Fire-Rated Protection From Brandguard Vents for Your California Home

Wildfires can cause massive destruction and claim lives. To reduce the risk of falling victim to the effects of a wildfire, we at Brandguard Vents urge California homeowners to consider us for reliable fire protection. We’ve been delivering our services since 2003.

Our solutions offer fire-rated defense from embers and flames that can wreak havoc on your home. Our goal is to provide a complete service, from product selection to delivery and installation, to help keep your home safer during a wildfire.

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