Protect your home from the devastating effects of California’s wildfires with fire-rated vents. Brandguard Vents, a trusted name in the Santa Barbara community for over 20 years, offers comprehensive solutions to shield your home from stray embers. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late — turn to Brandguard Vents to ensure your home is well-protected during the next wildfire season.

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Our Products

California homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief during wildfire season with our diverse range of vent options. We understand each home has unique requirements, so we offer tailored designs and installations to fit your needs. 

Our selection includes an array of options, ensuring maximum protection for your home and family.

Soffit Vents

Discover unbeatable protection with our soffit vents. Designed to block heat and embers from penetrating your home, they’re a simple and efficient way to keep your home safe from fires. Plus, the installation is a breeze, and they can be painted to match the color of your home.

Foundation Vents

Protect your basement or crawl space from stray wildfire embers with our durable foundation vents. Available in copper or galvanized steel, these vents create an impenetrable shield for your home during a wildfire breakout.

Gable Vents

Did you know attics are particularly susceptible to damage during ember storms? Protect your home with our high-quality gable vents, which offer optimal protection without impeding ventilation. Choose from steel or copper materials, as well as triangular, round, or custom-made shapes to suit your needs.

Eave Vents

Use our ember and fire-resistant eave vents to keep your attic cool and energy-efficient with proper ventilation. These vents provide superior air intake to withstand flames, embers, and radiant heat intrusion. With overlapping baffle protection, your attic stays free from pests and embers while maintaining proper ventilation.

Dormer Vents

If you live in an area at risk of wildfires, you know the importance of properly protecting your home. That’s where our dormer vents come in. These provide exceptional protection and ventilation for your attic without compromising style. Plus, it can help extend the life span of your roof and lower your energy costs.

Balcony Vents

Looking for balcony vents that are easy to remove and comply with California’s SB721 code? Our product is the perfect solution. Available in 4-inch and 6-inch widths, our vents are approximately 60 inches long. Choose us as a convenient option for frequent inspections.

Sub-Flashing Roof Vents

Upgrade your roof’s defense against wildfires with our sub-flashing roof vents. These vents are specially designed to prevent ember infiltration, so you don’t have to worry about clogging. With a 20-year warranty, you can trust our vents to keep your home safe from any shape or size of ember.

Vent Installation

Enhance your home’s wildfire protection by incorporating Brandguard Vents, a top-notch solution. Our skilled professionals guarantee full compliance with state, local, and building codes and the integration of the latest industry standards in each installation.

Why Choose Us?

For the past 20 years, Santa Barbara locals have relied on Brandguard Vents to provide top-notch ventilation solutions for fire safety. When it comes to protecting your home, our team offers a range of high-quality products and unparalleled expertise. 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with TENMAT, a renowned industry leader in fire protection materials and components. Choosing us means you’ll receive exceptional service and superior products from a team you can trust.

Schedule fire protection vent services in Santa Barbara, CA, by calling 949-305-8059.

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