As fires have continued to be a top concern for Napa home and business owners, people are looking for solutions to lower the risk of their buildings catching fire. One of the leading fire risks for buildings is embers, which can float a surprisingly long distance on the wind.

Embers can easily slip into vents and spark a blaze, which is why Brandguard Vents has created a sophisticated line of fire-rated vents that don’t allow embers into your building without sacrificing proper airflow.

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Our Fire-Rated Vents

We offer a full line of fire protection solutions to match your home’s structure. Choose our team to install these products:

  • Soffit ventsThese vents keep embers out of your building without getting clogged and facilitate a healthy airflow between the roof peak and soffit.
  • Eave ventsThese 1.5 to 3-inch round vents are pivotal in maintaining adequate ventilation and a cool attic that resists ember and heat intrusion. They also prevent rodents and birds from entering the building.
  • Dormer ventsThese vents are installed on the home’s roof, which is particularly susceptible to embers on the wind. These two-part systems encourage warm air to exit the attic while keeping embers at bay.
  • Sub-flashing roof ventsIf you have existing roof vents, adding a sub-flashing vent adds a critical element of ember protection. 
  • Gable ventsThese aesthetically pleasing vents come in multiple shapes and can be painted, maintaining your curb appeal while defending against embers.
  • Foundation ventsIt’s not just your attic that needs ventilation; your foundation or crawl space needs the proper airflow to prevent moisture-related issues while remaining fire-resistant.
  • Balcony ventsThese removable vents come in a standard 60-inch length or a custom length and are compatible with stucco and siding. 

Whatever your needs are for fire-resistant venting in Napa, Brandguard Vents is here to satisfy them. 

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Defend Your Home or Business With Brandguard Vents

With the ever-present danger of fire in Napa and beyond, taking your home’s or business’s ventilation seriously is a must. Brandguard Vents has made California buildings safer with fire-resistant solutions since 2003.

We’re ready to provide the high-quality vents you need to shore up your property’s defenses against fire.

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