Wildfires are a frequent occurrence in California. As temperatures throughout the region continue to rise, it’s a safe bet that wildfire frequency will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Since 2003, Brandguard Vents has helped protect Oakland homes with our durable fire-rated vents. 

Our vents are engineered to provide maximum protection from embers while blending seamlessly with your home. For over 20 years, we’ve proudly served the Oakland community, and it’s our pleasure to provide cost-effective fire protection solutions that shield your family and home from danger.

When you want protection you can depend on, choose Brandguard Vents. Call 949-305-8059 to schedule an appointment.

Our Products

We provide a broad selection of top-quality solutions that protect your vents and comply with all applicable safety and building codes. Our solutions include:

Soffit Vents

Our soffit vents provide exceptional protection. Quick and simple to install, our soffit vents can be painted and are designed to block heat and embers from entering your home.

Foundation Vents

Foundation vents protect your basement and crawl space from stray embers. These vents feature a durable design and are made of copper or galvanized steel, providing exceptional protection.

Gable Vents

Our gable vents are manufactured using steel or copper to provide exceptional protection without diminishing ventilation. We can install triangular, round, or custom-made shapes to best fit your vents.

Eave Vents

Our eave vents are ember- and fire-resistant and feature an overlapping baffle design. They facilitate proper ventilation without impacting energy efficiency. This product improves air intake while providing superior resistance to flames, embers, and radiant heat intrusion.

Dormer Vents

Our dormer vents feature a raised design that enhances protection against wildfire embers and heat. The increased ventilation our design offers can also help extend the life of your roof and can help reduce your utility bills. 

Balcony Vents

Our sturdy balcony vents are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for inspections as required in California. Like our eave vents, this product features an overlapping baffle design.

Sub-Flashing Roof Vents

Our sub-flashing roof vents provide exceptional protection against embers. Our proprietary design comes with a 20-year warranty. Most importantly, our sub-flashing roof vents help prevent clogs and will keep embers of any size and shape from getting into your home.

Vent Installation

When you need new vents installed, Brandguard Vents is ready to help. Our dedicated professionals can help you enjoy the advantages of upgraded fire protection. Our thorough knowledge of wildfires and state and local building codes allows us to deliver the superior protection you need.

We adhere to strict safety and quality standards and guarantee the quality of our solutions.

Why Choose Brandguard Vents?

We’ve proudly served the Oakland community for over 20 years. Our fire-rated vents are designed to protect homeowners against the challenges of wildfire season this year, next year, and for decades to come. Our top-quality products and dedication to detail ensure you enjoy superior protection that can leave your home standing even as wildfires rage through.

Further, we’ve partnered with TENMAT to enhance the performance and functionality of our systems, which gives you one more reason to depend on our team to deliver the solutions your safety requires.

Call Brandguard Vents at 949-305-8059 to schedule an appointment in Oakland. 

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