At Brandguard Vents, we know the threat of wildfire is a concern for all California residents. With our fire-rated vents, you can protect your home from stray embers that allow these fires to spread rampantly. Our goal is to provide complete service, from product selection to installation, so you can have peace of mind that your San Mateo home is safe during the wildfire season.

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Our Products

Our fire-rated vents were invented in 2003. After their great success, Brandguard Vents became a part of TENMAT, the leading manufacturer of fire protection components and advanced materials. With over 100 years of experience, we’re proud to offer a variety of vent options to protect your home.

Soffit Vents

With our soffit vents, you can block heat and embers from entering your home. These vents offer quick and easy installation and can even be painted to match the color of your home for exceptional protection without sacrificing curb appeal.

Foundation Vents

Our foundation vents are ideal for shielding your crawl space or basement from stray embers and offer a durable design made of copper or galvanized steel. This product creates an impenetrable shield to protect your home’s foundation from the threat of a spreading wildfire.

Gable Vents

Our gable vents are made of steel or copper and come in various shapes to protect your attic without inhibiting ventilation. With the spread of embers, attics are often the most vulnerable, but with our gable vents, you can enjoy superior protection.

Eave Vents

Our eave vents are ember- and fire-resistant while maintaining maximum ventilation to keep your attic cool. These vents are installed on your attic’s eaves and offer overlapping baffle protection, which will also help keep out pests.

Dormer Vents

If your roof features a dormer, your vents may be vulnerable to embers traveling through the wind. With our dormer vents, you’ll get superior protection and ventilation in your attic while helping lower cooling costs and extend the life span of your roof.

Balcony Vents

Our 4-inch and 6-inch balcony vents are 60 inches long and are removable for homes that require inspections due to California SB721.

Sub-Flashing Vents

Our sub-flashing vents prevent embers from entering your roof and won’t clog during wildfires. In addition to superior protection, they also come with a 20-year warranty.

Vent Installation

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s protection against wildfires, Brandguard Vents is here for you. Our professionals have vast experience and knowledge to ensure your new vents offer the best protection possible while adhering to state, local, and building codes. 

Choose Brandguard Vents

If the fear of wildfires keeps you up at night, it’s time to invest in your home’s fire protection. With Brandguard Vents, you can rest assured that our fire-rated vents will help protect your San Mateo home and family from the threat of wildfire embers that spread through our California winds.

Our team has the expertise to offer you the best options for your home, and as a part of TENMAT, we have access to the leading fire protection materials and components.

To prepare your home for California’s wildfire season, call our experts at 949-305-8059 to schedule fire-rated vent installation.

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